About Us

The needs of the Life Sciences industry are always changing. The R&D landscape moves with greater speed each year and yet the constant challenges for an organisation are still how well it can attract, recruit, develop, motivate and retain its most important people.

The pharmaceutical and life sciences industry is a knowledge and experience based business. Physicians, Scientists and Pharmacists are key components in the development of new pharmaceutical, diagnostic and therapeutic advances as well as having a crucial role in ensuring the marketing accuracy and quality of products distributed to society.

Sharing the ethos of many forward-thinking Life Sciences organisations, Pharma-Partners identifies talent based on attitude, communications skills and potential, not just experience. Pharma-Partners understands the need for innovative talent as well as cultural fit, and endorses the importance of a long-term perspective. The need to pipeline talent for the long-term has become ever more crucial.

Pharma-Partners seeks to identify what motivates our candidates, whether they are looking for the excitement and agility of a biotech or a smaller pharmaceutical company, or instead are looking to join an established global player. We ensure the identification, attraction and presentation of the right talent that will add value to the industry.

Pharma-Partners is built around recruitment consultants who are experienced and have proven backgrounds within their specific markets. It is our aim to provide a personalised and quality recruitment service.

We offer in-depth knowledge specifically within Pharmaceutical Physicians, Medical Affairs, R&D and the Pharmacovigilance space.

Whether you are considering a new role as a candidate, or recruiting as a client we have the expertise to navigate and find solutions for staffing challenges within the Life Sciences industry.