Regulatory Affairs Team Build



The Brief

Our client is a leading speciality pharmaceutical group focused within dermatology who sought a head of regulatory affairs with a subsequent team build.    

After an unsuccessful period of direct sourcing and using other recruitment agencies, Pharma-Partners was engaged to search for a head of regulatory affairs and subsequent team members. 

Candidate Requirements
  • Experience within dermatology highly desirable.  
  • Significant industry experience at a UK/IE affiliate level.  
  • Line management experience 
  • Strategic leadership experience demonstrating a ‘hands-on’ approach.
Previous challenges with other agencies
  • The presented candidates did not meet the all the above requirements. 
  • Candidates who were interviewed were unsuitable mainly due to lack of affiliate or suitable line management experience.
  • Candidates’ expectations around role, salary and the interview process were poorly managed by existing agencies.
Our solution
  • Our team engaged with relevant stakeholders and talent acquisition to understand the challenges to date
  • We provided the client with a full and detailed re-briefing on the assignment
  • We conducted pre-assignment market intelligence to align client requirements with current market conditions
  • We agreed timelines and milestones with the client, and created a communication plan regarding sourcing progress
  • We reached an agreement with the client regarding interview process to ensure efficiency.
  • Via our existing extensive network, market mapping and referrals, we identified various passive candidates who possessed the right skillset and background
  • Seven candidates were submitted
  • Four candidates were interviewed at the first stage, and two candidates moved to final stages. One candidate selected and offered
  • Pharma-Partners further added to the team with three subsequent hires within regulatory affairs.

Head of Regulatory Affairs

“Not only did Pharma-Partners help me to find a new position during difficult times, they have also helped me to build a new team. This has been a great collaboration and I thank Pharma-Partners for all their support, recruitment insights and words of wisdom along the way.”

Regulatory Affairs Specialist:

“Pharma-Partners really took the time to understand my background before suggesting a suitable new role and guided me through the application process with professionalism and warmth. They have checked in regularly up until my start date and gave me plenty of information about my new team and company. They clearly have an excellent understanding of the way the pharma industry works.”

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