Medical Science Liaison



The Brief

We were engaged to recruit a north-based medical science liaison with experience within the field of prostate cancer treatment. 

  • This organisation had not marketed drugs in the UK previously, creating a higher level of risk for candidates
  • The required candidate needed prostate cancer experience beyond general oncology 
  • Numbers of MSLs in North England are limited
  • The vacancy had been with another agency for several weeks already.
Our solution
  • We provided immediate insights on salary benchmarking and the available candidate pool upon taking the brief
  • We maintained regular contact with the hiring manager to manage expectations
  • We utilised our experience and professional relationship with the successful candidate to push back on client’s initial unwillingness to interview
  • The selected candidate was someone we had met with and supported in securing their first ever industry role (roughly 12-18 months prior to this search). From this, we had awareness of the candidate’s pre-industry research experience and PhD in prostate cancer, along with relevant industry experience as an oncology MSL.

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