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The client

Our client is a pharmaceutical organisation specialising in a broad range of therapy areas including rare disease. The organisation employs thousands of specialists all over the globally, and markets products in over 110 countries. Their UK hub forms a critical and growing part of their global network and is regarded as one of its core operating hubs.


As part of their global expansion strategy, the organisation was tasked with growing their UK and European Medical and Regulatory teams. The UK hub is home to over 1500 employees located across 5 sites. Our client’s previous recruitment strategy to recruit roles in medical and regulatory involved an internal recruitment team and generic recruitment suppliers, who lacked the specific expertise to operate proactively in these niche and passive markets. Key vacancies therefore remained open for up to 12 months, leading to reduced productivity, turnover, and unnecessary stress for other team members. In 2020, Pharma Partners was introduced as a specialist recruiter and initially given the opportunity to work on a small project which was previously unfilled.



Having successfully completed this assignment in accordance with pre-agreed timescales and delivered against all Key Performance Indicators, the organisation was keen to explore how our expertise could benefit them further. As a result, the Pharma Partners team was provided with additional recruitment opportunities across a broad range of specialties, and to date has now made 17 placements from the organisation across UK, Ireland, Italy, Germany and France. These were a mix of contingent perm, contract and retained projects. Pharma Partners is now working with their US headquarters across 3 multi head projects.


Example role titles successfully recruited for our client by Pharma Partners

Medical Science Liaison – Multiple Regions

Medical Director – Germany 

R&D Director

Regulatory Affairs Manager

Drug Safety Lead

Drug Safety Scientist

Client Testimonial

“Pharma Partners were first introduced to me by a line manager that had worked with them as a candidate previously. At the time, we were looking build out several teams across various regional medical departments. Upon engagement, Pharma Partners immediately provided us with a superb level of guidance and expertise, in my experience they have consistently added value and consultation that goes far beyond filling vacant positions. They have a long-term mindset with regards to partnering and I had no hesitation in referring them to my colleagues across other EU affiliates.”   (Director – Talent Acquisition UK&I)

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