Hybrid Pharmaceutical Physicians Roles

‘Hybrid’ and other roles for Pharmaceutical Physicians...

A first role in industry will usually sit a Pharmaceutical Physician in one of the above three positions, however, there are opportunities in certain teams and organisations where a physician may work across medical affairs, clinical research and pharmacovigilance. For example, some roles have a primary medical affairs function however there may also be late-phase clinical development decision-making involvement or responsibilities. Most roles will always have some exposure to other disciplines, however, a ‘hybrid’ role is usually where it’s a more equal balance in your day-to-day work. Other careers paths in industry where Pharmaceutical Physicians can apply themselves include regulatory affairs, medical communications, and commercial roles. These are often areas you step in to after building up initial experience in medical affairs, clinical research or pharmacovigilance.

Pharmaceutical medicine is a speciality that is recognised by the General Medical Council. To complete a CCT in pharmaceutical medicine, trainees must complete a 4-year workplace-based training program and, as part of this, are required to pass the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine’s Diploma in Pharmaceutical Medicine. Completion of Pharmaceutical Medicine Speciality Training (PMST) is not mandatory however is supported by most employers in the industry.