Healthcare Communications is an umbrella term covering an array of professional services which raise awareness of the products and activities of the pharmaceutical and medical industries.

The Healthcare Communications fields is split into many different specialisms, but essentially, they are trying to achieve the same goal: to educate and inform stakeholders about the latest innovations and perspectives in healthcare and to influence their choice of products and therapies either for themselves or others.

Our client and candidate engagement process can be tailored to each clients’ vision and needs, for example, working on a retained, exclusive or contingent basis. This has proved to be highly successful with our clients ranging from global network organisations to independent agencies. We aspire to build and develop positive relationships with Healthcare Communications professionals across the globe.

Areas of expertise:

  • Medical Communications
  • Medical Writing
  • Healthcare/Pharmaceutical Advertising
  • Healthcare PR
  • Account Management
  • Editorial
  • HEOR & Market Access
  • Brand Management


Director, Global Talent Acquisition:

“We were thrilled to collaborate with Jason once again, along with Pharma Partners Recruitment Ltd, for our latest hiring requirement. Having worked with Jason in the past, we knew we could count on his expertise and dedication.

We had an urgent and crucial opening for a Principal Writer position within our leadership team. Understanding the unique demands of our business and the specific requirements of the role, Jason swiftly grasped the essence of what we were looking for. He asked all the relevant questions to fully comprehend our expectations and delivered exactly what we needed.

Not only did Jason offer guidance on candidate profiles, but he also provided invaluable support regarding salary expectations and market analysis, ensuring that we remained competitive in our hiring process. He took the time to thoroughly understand our company’s positioning and needs, enabling him to tailor his approach accordingly.

Impressively, Jason demonstrated a remarkable depth of knowledge, adaptability, and a genuine commitment to our company’s success. Leveraging his exclusive network and unparalleled expertise in headhunting, he promptly presented us with a robust shortlist of qualified candidates within a week. His understanding of our expectations allowed him to deliver candidates who were not only highly skilled but also aligned with our company culture.

From the beginning of the interview process until the very end, Jason provided unwavering support and assistance. He ensured that every candidate he presented matched our expectations and had the potential to excel in the Principal Writer role. His thoroughness and attention to detail were evident in his recommendations, streamlining the decision-making process for us.

Ultimately, thanks to Jason’s exceptional understanding of our requirements and his dedication to delivering exceptional candidates, we found our outstanding new Principal Writer. His ability to ask all the relevant questions, comprehend our expectations, and deliver precisely what we needed made him an invaluable partner throughout the entire hiring process.

In summary, Jason’s contributions were indispensable. His ability to understand our unique needs, combined with his exceptional network and dedication, set him apart. We wholeheartedly recommend Jason and Pharma Partners Recruitment Ltd for any organisation seeking top-tier talent acquisition services.”

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